Do It Yourself Margaritas:
A cultural adventure.

Margaritas are a critical part of a fabulous Mexican Vacation. When you start to wonder if your money will last to the end of the vacation, you may want to save a few pesos by making your own. Donít even think of using margarita mix. You can do better. If your vacation rental has a blender, check out the utensil drawer. With a little luck you will find a lime squeezer (see the picture). But first you better head out to get the ingredients. Try Walmart or one of the bigger grocery stores and pick up a decent Tequila (you get what you pay for), some powdered sugar, some triple sec (any licor naranja will do) and, of course, limes. Note! DO NOT get limas. Those are only for cooking food like the Yucatecan sopa de lima. Lime soup, De Lima, get it? The word for limes is limon. Unfortunately, this is also the word for lemons To specify limes, you can say verde (which means green) and everyone will stare at you blankly. Then try saying verde correctly (BARE DAY) and they will get it. Just make sure they know you are trying to speak spanish. Whew! And you were ready to give up.

OK, now for the squeezer. I guess we were a little dense, because it took us a couple of tries to figure out the holes arenít for the juice to come out. The little holes are so the lime doesnít create suction and stick in the squeezer (we think). Just cut the limes in half and squeeze it over a the blender. Believe it or not, it only takes 2 limes for ĺ of a blender of frozen margaritas. Add Ĺ cup of tequila, ľ cup of triple sec and powdered sugar to taste (start with 4 heaping tablespoons). If you donít have a way to measure, just guess and be generous. Then fill the blender to ĺ full with ice and blend away. Add extra sugar if you need it and you have a batch of kickiní margaritas you made from scratch. Now you just have to shout Arriba!! And be sure to roll the Rís.

For the purists out there who have to have it on the rocks, experiment. Youíll get it.

John Jameson
Grand Mayan Riviera Maya rental
Margarita ingredients