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About Us

When we started the Virtual Mexico website in 1995-1996, there were only a handfull of web sites about Mexico. Most towns in Mexico did not have internet access, but already the internet was expanding rapidly in Canada and the USA.

We could see the future, and started the Virtual Mexico website with information on various parts of Mexico including weather, real estate, tourist amenities, Spanish lessons, etc., mainly targeted for US and Canadian citizens.

We soon added hotel reservations to our services, and teamed up with the largest hotel reservation provider in Mexico. They had already been in business for a few years then, and we still use them today. In all that time we have never had a complaint about their services.

We have now launched a mobile website to reflect the fact that many users of the internet now use mobile devices to access information. Mobile devices should automatically be detected at this site and transfered to the mobile web site.

Send an email to the webmaster on the main page if you have problems being directed to the mobile site on your mobile device.