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Los Cabos is the primary tourist destination of the southern Baja. The permanent population is estimated at 60,000.

Cabo San Lucas has everything for the active tourist or resident. Even restaurants like Planet Hollywood and the Hard Rock Cafe are there. It has shopping, nightlife, boating, fishing and great beaches. Many golf courses are there or under development. It looks and feels much like an American tourist town. Many wealthy people are now making Cabo and surrounding areas their destination of choice. Prices of real estate and meals are higher here than just about anywhere in Mexico.

San Jose del Cabo is more laid back and traditional than San Lucas. It is 18 miles east of San Lucas, and the town center is a few blocks away from the waterfront. A nice main street and quieter surroundings are San Jose's attractions. It has lots of restaurants too, and many nice housing developments. Prices are still fairly high here too.

The beaches and resorts between San Jose and San Lucas are unbelievable. You could spend days just exploring these fabulous resorts.

East Cape is the area East and North of San Jose del Cabo. It has all the fabulous beaches of the lower cape and practically no people. You can walk for miles on a beautiful sand beach and see no other people. The water is warm and the fishing is probably the best in the world. Real estate prices are lower here, and investment opportunities can be found. When the roads are paved, prices will rise considerably.

Todos Santos is about 45 minutes north of Cabo San Lucas. It has traditionally been an artists community, but gringos are starting to discover it too. The summer weather here is a little cooler than Cabo San Lucas and definitely cooler than the rest of the southern Baja, so it has the most pleasant year-round climate. It is located about 1 kilometer from the beaches, and some good surfing opportunities.

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The entire Los Cabos region offers some excellent fishing, diving and snorkeling opportunities!


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The Los Cabos area has a near perfect 'dry tropical' climate. The cooling influence of the Pacific and the warming influence of the Sea of Cortez, creates this fabulous climate. The rain comes mainly in September, and the area has experienced long periods with no rain whatsoever. The occasional tropical storm drops some rain in the summer, but most of the time it is a desert environment. The area can experience 350 sunny days per year!

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