San Andres Clinic - La Foresta, Ajijic
Bi-lingual Staff, operating and Care facilities, full diagnostic services, Dental Clinic. Telephone: (376) 7666-1198 or after hours: 766-0440

Clinica San Jose/Maskaras - Between Ajijic and Chapala
Small clinic/hospital  with extensive range of specialities. Bi-lingual Staff. 24 hr. emergency and ambulance. Complete diagnostic capabilities. Telephone: (376) 765-4805

Hospital Clinica Ajijic - Ajijic
Small Full Service clinic/hospital. Bi-lingual staff. 24 hr. emergency and ambulance. Telephone: (376) 766-0662 or 766-0500

Guadalajara: There are several very good hospitals in Guadalajara, both public and private. The private hospitals tend to specialize, so there are hospitals for cardiac care, cancer, etc. Some of these hospitals are world-class. There is a teaching hospital there too.

Insurance: Government health insurance covers public hospitals, doctors and prescription drugs, but private insurance is often needed for the private hospitals. Government insurance costs around $350 for a couple per YEAR, and private insurance runs from $475 and up per YEAR.


Ambulance services are free in Mexico and usually need to be supported by donations and fund raising events.

  • Clinica Ajijic - Telephone: (376) 6-0599 or 6-0662
  • Clinica San Jose/Maskaras - Telephone: (376) 5-4805
  • Red Cross Chapala - Telephone: (376) 5-2277
  • Clinica San Andres - Ajijic - Telephone: (376) 6-1188
  • Pharmacies (all bi-lingual)

  • Hector's Farmacia - Av. madero #423, Chapala, Telephone (376) 5-4002
  • Jessica's Farmacia - Ajijic Plaza, Ajijic, Telephone (376) 6-1191
  • Farmacia Providencia - Av. Madero #240, Chapala
  • Each of the Hospitals listed above have farmacias attached to their site.
  • Nursing Homes/Living Care Homes

  • There are several nursing home or assisted living facilities in the area. Prices are reasonable compared to the U.S. or Canada.