Lake Chapala is conveniently located near the city of Guadalajara, which in turn is the second largest city in Mexico with approximately 6 million people. Lake Chapala is the largest lake in Mexico.

Guadalajara has been called the most 'Mexican' of Mexico's cities. Many beautiful plazas can be found with greenery and benches. Great shopping and entertainment. Colonial buildings are found everywhere.

You will note that it is on the same latitude as Puerto Vallarta and Hawaii. The higher elevation at Lake Chapala accounts for the milder climate, which is not too hot nor too cold, and not too humid.

You will see from the map that it is close to many important areas of Mexico. A 25 minute drive from the town of Ajijic takes you to Guadalajara's International airport. A 35 minute drive takes you to the city itself. A 2.5 hour drive gets you to the Pacific Coast and the many resorts there. A 6 hour drive takes you to Mexico City. Shorter drives take you to many beautiful colonial cities and towns in south-central Mexico, where many artists live and work.

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Guadalajara is served by an excellent highway system and a bus system that is second to none. The airport has many international flights daily with Mexicana Airlines, Aeromexico, Continental and American Airlines having direct flights daily. Continental flies from Houston,Texas and American Airlines flies from Dallas to Guadalajara.

Another method of getting here is to take advantage of some low cost charter flights to Puerto Vallarta, Ixtapa or Mazatlan, and then take a first class bus from there to Guadalajara. The bus depot is close to the airport in Puerto Vallarta and buses depart about every hour for Guadalajara. The fares range from $235 pesos to $310 pesos for first class service. The trip takes around 5 hours.

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