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Manzanillo is a major port and industrial city as well as a popular beach resort. The prices are generally a little lower here as many have not discovered it yet. It is located between Puerto Vallarta and Ixtapa.

There are many fine resort hotels and other developments north of town that attract many tourists every winter. The bill fish fishing is good here. As is the diving, and snorkeling, and lots of charter boats are available. The main bay has smaller bays and lagunas, so the surf in many places is lower than Puerto Vallarta, making snorkeling a possibility.

North of town there is good surfing at Miramar beach and Olas Altas beach. Another good surfing spot is 92 km north at the beach resort town of Barra De Navidad.

Manzanillo is the closest beach resort to the city of Guadalajara (3 hours), so it gets busy on the weekends.

There is good shopping here, probably the best anywhere north of Acapulco. The city is a little run-down, but the hotel area north of the main city is lovely, and that is where most of the great shopping is located. There are two new superstores there that are among the best multi-product stores you can find anywhere in the world.

The climate is tropical and similar to Ixtapa and Puerto Vallarta.

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