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Originally known as the Mayan City of T'HO, Mérida has a proud, ancient and tumultuous past. Destroyed and rebuilt by the Spanish, Mérida was resurrected as the "Paris of the West". Tree lined boulevards and spectacular colonial mansions give grace, character and charm to this ancient city.

a picture of a building in Merida The Yucatán is a culture in and of itself. Strongly influenced by the proud and stern Mayans; Mérida takes pride in it's reputation as the "White City", known as such due not only to it's predominantly limestone construction, but moreover, to it's twice daily cleaned streets, plazas and parks! Crime is not tolerated. And, perhaps it is that attitude that accounts for Mérida having the lowest crime rate per capita in Mexico.

Just 30 miles from the Gulf of Mexico coast, Mérida is close enough to enjoy it's white sandy beaches, blue waters and terrific seafood.

If you have always wanted to retire to México, but don't want to live in a tourist trap crawling with vacationing dweebs or a destination resort town lacking soul and history, come to Mérida. You will be enchanted!

Read the Yucatan Times newspaper online.

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