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Tom Slemko's collection of Mexican art and crafts.

Mexico is a country full of artists. They have all the tradition artists such as painters, sculptors, etc., but there is a large segment of the population that outputs art at the common man level and usually as a sideline.

I have collected some of this art and craft pieces over the years in Mexico. It includes ironwood carvings, Huichol indian bead art, Chiapas fantasy creatures, Tapestries, plaster sun/moon wall hangings, paper people and junkyard crafts.

If you have any pictures of Mexican art or crafts that you are willing to share, please Email me.
Ironwood Carvings
an ironwood carving photo
Paper People
Paper-mache figures from central Mexico
Bark Paintings
Mexican native paintings on tree bark
Tapestries Rugs
tapestries from Mexico


Sun/Moon Art
sun and moon motive wall hangings in plaster
Huichol Bead Art
a puma head beaded carving by huichol indians
Fantasy Art
a small wood carved and brightly painted fantasy creatures from chiapas photo
Junkyard Crafts
a helicopter made out of junk with a spark plug as the body of the piece photo
Ceramic Crafts
a mexican ceramic bowl photo
Funky Crafts
a star of david made out of polished stones, minerals and plastic photo

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