The Huichol native tribe from the states of Nayarit and Sinaloa area are well known for their painstakingly created bead art and their yarns. To create this bead art they first carve the figure out of wood, then cover the wood with a layer of beeswax. Then they insert the beads into the wax, one bead at a time. They use a type of needle to do the work. It can take days to make one figure. The themes are animals mainly, but they do birds and stylistic art too. Many of the objects are designed to be table center pieces, and the rest are generally wall ornaments.

mexican huichol indian bead art, puma

This mountain lion or jaguar head is a common theme for this art form.

It hangs on the wall.

I bought it directly from the carver/artist. He told me it took him 5 days to make it.

Remember, if you buy one of these, keep it from direct sunlight as the beeswax could melt!

huichol indian bead art - puma

This is another example from the same artist.

I purchased these years ago at an affordable price, but today they are getting expensive.