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Monterrey      Local Time is Central Time Zone

showing the monument to commerce in Monterrey Monterrey is the third largest city in México with approximately 3 million people in the metropolitan area. Many people consider it to be the commercial center for México, and the picture to the left shows a monument to commerce.

The city is nestled in the mountains of northern México only 300 kilometers from the USA border. It has more computers per capita than anywhere in México. The population is the most educated in México and the city on a per capita basis has more colleges, universities and institutes of technology, than any other Mexican city.

Quality restaurants, modern shopping malls, numerous museums and cultural attractions are plentiful here. The mountains, canyons and the desert that surrounds the city offer a wide variety of tourist activities, many of which are not readily available anywhere else in México. Some of the México's best hiking, mountain biking, cave exploring and nature areas are located close to the city.
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All kinds of stores and services can be found in Monterrey. Prices are generally lower than many tourist cities in Mexico, and the selection is nearly unlimited. A shoppers' paradise.
Financial and investment firms, legal firms, and personal care establishments can also be found there.

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