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Pacific Coast

an interactive map showing the west coast of Mexico Click on red dot cities to visit.


Most of the coastline is a narrow plain between the interior highlands and the sea. The distance from Mazatlan to Acapulco is 1400 kilometers. It is all within the 'tropics'. The terrain can be nearly desert-like near Mazatlan to sub-tropical jungles and everything in between, including palm fringed beaches.


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Sub-tropical to tropical, describes the climate generally. This means that most of the rain falls in the summer months and September, the winters are much drier. Temperatures don't vary greatly from month to month.

Mexico's Pacific coast is sometimes called the "Mexican Riviera". Beautiful beaches, gorgeous winter weather, and affordable accommodations make it a very popular winter resort area. It includes the cities of:

   mazatlan maps and hotels Mazatlan

     Puerto Vallarta hotels and  maps Puerto Vallarta

          guaymas and san carlos mexico hotels, pictures and maps. Guaymas and San Carlos

     Ixtapa zuateneho Ixtapa

         Acapulco mexico Acapulco.

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