Tom Slemko's Retirement Search Interface

Here you can search for your perfect retirement location in Mexico. Select the options that appeal to you (by clicking on them). Some categories allow multiple selections. What you select will depend on how long you plan to spend in Mexico each year, and what activities you enjoy. (This service is still under development.) Fewer selections will result in more destinations being picked.

Items such as crime rate are not included because the crime rate is low in most places in Mexico, with the possible exception of border areas and large cities. Generally Mexico is one of the safest places you could live. Television availability is also not included as it is available in most Mexican towns, either through cable, local broadcast or satellite reception. All destinations can be driven to, and the highways are fairly good. 

Climate: Virtually all coastal places are hot and humid in the summer, except northwestern Baja. Most destinations in Mexico have warm winters.
Shopping: There are some excellent superstores in Mexico where you can buy anything, at reasonable prices.
Housing: In areas frequented by Americans and Canadians the prices are all in US Dollars. Some areas have a full range of homes, others are more limited.
Real Estate Law: Click here to see an explanation of the bank trust deed.
Cost of Living: Mid-range costs would be similar to most US States
Types of real estate I am interested in: Press the Ctrl key and click to make multiple selections.
First Class buses are available to all destinations.
Foreigner's Social Structure: Some areas are highly organized. Others are more Mexican.
Activities I Like: Press the Ctrl key and click to make multiple selections.