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The Guaymas and San Carlos area may be the perfect Snowbird destination. It has the mild winter weather, even milder than Arizona, and also offers beautiful white sand beaches, fabulous fishing and boating, lovely desert/sea vistas, and cheaper real estate. It is one of the most picturesque areas on the Sea of Cortez.

San Carlos is a clean, modern town with a beautiful wide boulevard as the main street. You could even swim on the same white sand beach used in several hollywood movies. It is only a 5 hour drive from Tucson, Arizona to San Carlos!

See a highway map from Tucson to San Carlos/Guaymas.

It is now easier than ever to come to San Carlos/Guaymas. It is now included in the tourist zone, so no vehicle permits are required to visit. This makes border crossings quick.

Available activites also include golfing, hiking (mountain and beach), bowling, ATVing, diving, snorkelling, and shopping.

Guaymas is a small sea-port city with shopping and services. It has a shopping mall with all you could want in groceries, hardware, clothes, etc. Check out the fishboats and the many restaurants. Five minutes away is a nice Mexican coastal residential community called Miramar.

San Carlos is ten minutes north and west of Guaymas. It is a modern community populated mainly by Americans and Canadians. It features marinas with slips for 750 boats. Lovely residential developments, a golf course, and beautiful white sand beaches. Lots of restaurants are found in San Carlos too, but prices are similar to USA. The fishing and diving are great.

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To see more pictures of San Carlos, Check out our photo album.

A Web Site for San Carlos Residents


Guaymas is basically a desert/sea environment, much like the Baja Peninsula. The winter temperatures are moderated by the sea so nights are not as cold as the desert environments to the north, but the summers do get hot and humid.

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The winters are dry, mild, and sunny.

The temperatures to the right are taken at Guaymas Airport, and seem to be more severe than the temperatures along the coast at San Carlos. So San Carlos is cooler in the summer and warmer at night in the winter.

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Here is a link to the San Carlos MLS service to check out listings: San Carlos MLS

Here is an document file about real estate certification in Sonora by Terry Lynn


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There is a good selection of restaurants in San Carlos, and an even bigger selection in nearby Guaymas, from fine dining to inexpensive meals, including fast food outlets. Affordable surgery is available in Hermosillo.

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