San Carlos Pictures

Here is a view of the coast just west of San Carlos. It was taken from the road that leads to a viewpoint. San Carlos is just behind the big mountain.

Notice the small white sand beach in the middle foreground and the boat anchored in the protected cove.

A view of the town of San Carlos taken from a residential area up on a hill overlooking the town.

The other side of this hill overlooks the San Carlos Marina (the other marina in town).

Here is a view of the town taken from a beach East of town. It shows the town as it would be seen from the water. This is the longest stretch of beach in the area and new developments are starting.

The main road the passes through San Carlos and leads out to Sonora Bay. It is a four to 8 lane road all the way from the highway to Guaymas. A great first impression.

This highway is a beautiful boulevard for about 4 miles.

One of the main commercial streets in San Carlos. There are not many as it is a small town!

There are restaurants on every commercial street though, so you won't go hungry! Prices are a little high for a Mexican town.

Here is a overall view of the Marina Real development. You can see the beach where the movie Catch 22 was filmed.

Homes bought here can include a boat slip.

A view of the homes and moorage available in the Marina Real development on Sonora Bay, just west of San Carlos.

Just behind these houses the lots face the beach at Sonora Bay.

A view across Marina Real taken from a lot next to the houses shown in the photo above. It also shows one of the condo buildings in the distance. More buildings will be built.

The marina is very protected and features 350 boat slips.

The pool complex in the Puesta del Sol development next to Club Med. This development features large lots in a waterfront location.

The tennis court next to the pool in the Puesta del Sol development. Check out the mountains in the background!

It is only steps to the beach from here!

A typical street in the Costa del Mar development. Located on the waterfront on the other side of Club Med.

This development has been around for a few years and needs a little updating.

Photos by Tom Slemko


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